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[Eng-FanAcc] 120717 Heartstrings Fanmeeting Event in Japan [part 1]

Yonghwa Heartstrings Fanmeeting

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Posted 18 July 2012 - 10:43 PM

[Eng-FanAcc] 120717 Heartstrings Fanmeeting Event in Japan

Credit&pic : yonghyebar
photo : fuhsahd@tumblr
Re-post: khafre@CNBLUETHAILAND
Special Thanks : YonGade@CNBLUETHAILAND


[Trans] The first Heartstrings Fan Meeting gave away two large Heartstrings bears, one with Yonghwa's autograph and one with Shinhye's.

[FA] The first Heartstrings Fan Meeting gave away two large Heartstrings bears, one with Yonghwa's autograph and one with Shinhye's.

[FA] Yonghwa wore a white T-shirt, a cardigan, bright jeans, bling bling In-ear monitors, a black bracelet and white shoes as always

[FA] And Shinhye wore a white dress for the first fan meeting.

[FA] SHinhye and her acting on the stage were great...but before having a hug with Yonghwa...everything was in a bustle.

[FA] Yonghwa was shy for several time because......(  ̄▽ ̄)

Posted Image

‎[FA] the host asked them to guess what the audiences' favorite scenes were and the back hug was on the screen (*^_^*)

‎[FA] The audiences screamed, Shinhye stared for a while, and Yonghwa was too shy to see it all (*^▽^*)

[FA] Shinhye guessed the forehead kiss should be in the second place, but it's the kiss in the club......Yonghwa blushed (〃艸〃)

[FA] The host asked Yonghwa, " Feeling hot?" Yonghwas said, "I was feeling hot all the time." ———O(≥∇≤)O———

‎[FA] BTW...Yonghwa was happy for Shinhye trying to cool him down while filming back hug scene (the host...all about hot during filming!?)

[FA] Shinhye had praticed the gayageum for 1 1/2months, and Yonghwa said he had praticed the guitar for 1 month...and the host said......

[FA] "is it possible to be Shin with only one month pratice???" (T∀T゚)
[Heartstrings FM] Yonghwa sang Because I Miss You with an acoustic guitar

[Heartstrings FM] Yonghwa and Shinhye shared clips, played games gave away gifts and acted with fans (*^^*)

Posted Image

[Heartstrings FM] Yonghwa and Shinhye shook hands and said "I am looking forward to work with you" \(^o^)/

Posted Image

‎[FA] Everyone laughed for they pretending not knowing each other and saying " I'm looking forward to work with you" for all these time~~~

[FA] Yonghwa was asked when he felt he was handsome...Shinhye said Yonghwa's a good-looking guy but there's always sweat on his face (>_<)

[FA] A fan asked them to replay the back hug but Yonghwa was too shy to do it so he hugged the (male) host right after hugging Shinhye (≥∀≤)

[FA] Shinhye couldn't share any Yonghwa's secrets for not paying any attention to him!? (T_T)

[FA] On the other hand, Yonghwa and Shinhye said they knew each other very well since filming "You're Beautiful" っ´▽`)っ

[FA] At the end, they sang "You've Fallen for Me" together and Yonghwa played air guitar. Everyone screamed for his move (*^^)v

[FA] While the curtain was descending, Yonghwa was grabbed by Shinhye for being in front of the curtain (-^艸^-)

‎[FA] Shinhye was asked to share an embarrassing moment of Yonghwa. She couldn't recall any. But she did show how childish Yonghwa was while she playing tracks with him. He became very fond of this game even she said it's dangeous. She said it's not fun if he knows that. He said he would fall as naturally as it should be. And he requested her to play that all the time〜(^ ^)

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